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About Ai

And Now For Something...

If you are looking for love, I can't help you.

If you are looking for weird, monstery, expansiony lustful erotica, I have the stories for you.

Hi, my nom de plume is Ai Love. I live in the USA with my spouse and decided one day that I would rather write instead of just read all the stuff filling up my Kindle app. When I am not writing, I tend to watch too much anime and spend too much time playing either Minecraft or Satisfactory. I also have a day job, so I sometimes don't get enough sleep.

Because I discovered the internet at an impressionable age, I have an overtly perverted mind and finally decided it would be nice to share. I mean, Rule 34 is a rule, not a suggestion.

I wish only hugs and kisses upon everyone and hope you take my stories in the same way they are given: entertainment. I do not wish offense on anyone, but please take the warnings inside the book to heart because not everything is for everyone.

I may put more information here as I build this website.

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